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Thread: Hello All!

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    Hello All!

    Hi all,
    I recently moved to Oxfordshire from the US for another round of school and will be here for close to 3 years. As a hunter and reloader, I enjoyed coming across Stalking Directory posts from time to time but didn't know that I'd have the opportunity to live here. As you probably guessed, my firearms are safely and securely stored and I did not bring any with me. I shoot a number of calibers and usually use a 223 for varmints/vermin, and either a 308, 270, or 300 WSM for medium to large game.

    I am looking forward to connecting with the sporting community while here. I don't know that I will pursue a firearm license since I'm only here a few years, but plan to take advantage of my time here by arranging some stalking outings while here.


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    Hi, new myself. How you finding the uk? Hope you've find a shoot to get into even if it's just beating

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    Hi Grant,
    A warm welcome to you as well. Between moving with the family (wifey, two kids in school, and a dog :-)) and starting a new grad program, the fall was really busy but we are more settled now. Enjoying the locale and access to the UK and Europe, but this is the first time in years that I've not had venison in the freezer ;-0

    I did get out with my son for some clays this weekend which was good fun! We are thinking of taking some lessons together for some father son time and a good way to meet folks.

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    Welcome to the site and the UK, you can book paid stalking and use the estate rifle,plenty of guys on here can help you out

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    Welcome. Enjoy your UK adventure.


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    Welcome to the UK and Oxfordshire!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Tanks! Will definitely take advantage of the info available from the good folks here at SD.

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