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Thread: Old habits die hard !

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    Old habits die hard !

    UP at 4:15am, left the house at 5:00am travelled 137 miles arrived at my pals at 7:50am, on the ground for 8:00am

    Absolutely cracking morning for stalking, a good covering of new soft snow it just felt great to be out and I felt really privileged to be there

    I managed to take this magnificent animal along with a younger buck, I did the necessary, we had some Pork Pie + English mustard, with a cup of rather nicely spiced up tomato soup, we put the world to rights and at 11:30am I set off to drive back home the 137 miles, I was laid in the bath knackered at 2:45 pm and that's including 20 mins I spent at the car wash

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    What do you think, was it worth it ?


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    Well done Bob,worth every bit os sleep loss. I do enjoy early Sunday stalks,passing the clubbers on their way home etc!

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    definately worth it nice animals great day,well done

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    Very nice, well done, I had a munti doe this morning, but I don't think its quite the same and only traveled 34 miles each way for her!

    I think your pain was worth the gain!

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    Well worth it by the looks of things.
    I sat out foxing in -25c for 6 hrs last night.
    You had a better result than me :-)

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    Up at 4.15am! I can remember when we were only getting home around then.

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    Definitely well worth the effort mate. That's a fine set of tusks the older buck has!

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    YES, Just reward for a hard day Bob, very nice animals. We don't have them up north,those tusks could do damage.
    I can't imagine driving that far for an early morning stalk, there's dedication for you.
    I hope you had a nice cup of tea when you got home.

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    Conngratulations, and it must be great, stalking in snow like that. There have been precious few properly cold days down here this year. We had a centimetre of snow yesterday morning for an hour or two, and it will be warm again by the end of the week. That was winter, folks!

    Just based on the CWD skull that I have on the little corner of wall that I've been given, I'd say your bigger one is well worth having measured! More to the point though, they're very good eating, those. Google "Blanquette d'hydropote a l'ancienne" for my recommendation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Up at 4.15am! I can remember when we were only getting home around then.

    And we did that a fair few times for a good number of years, you, me and Ian McPhee

    Pine Martin

    I see you have done this before looks marvellous I will most certainly give it a try though I`ll be surprised if it looks anything like the pics from your past post but, we`ll see thanks for the recipe and I`ll let you know how I get on


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