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Thread: Neck shot

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    Neck shot

    When shooting deer would it not be best to aim for the top of the neck so in affect the bullet would break the bone, basically breaking the animals neck?
    Would thath not be the most humane place to shoot a deer as it would feel nothing and it has no chance of running.

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    Hi Guevara, this was recently covered in depth on this forum.
    Please follow the link below to view.


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    Ok thanks mate.It is just something i always wondered about.

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    neck shooting

    I have read your threads with interest, and I'm a bit puzzled about the direction you are going. Perhaps I should say your lack of direction. .22 RF
    .243 CF Double rifles, now neck shots. I suggest you get a copy of "Neck shots for goats and other horned species" written by the well known Danish, hunter and author Llort Thuner. You will learn a lot from this, I know I have!
    Good luck in your quest,

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    buckup, I'm glad that I am not the only one that thinks he could benefit from that particular publication


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    Oh no not again

    Isnt there a section in that Danish hunters book about other mythical creatures, besides Goats Hey JAYB you would get a lot of them hiding under Bonar Bridge its big enough to hold about 200, I would say.

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    i believe you are right there malc
    i do remember such a section and for this pacticular animal they did not recommend a neck shot but a heart shot , a 'texas heart shot' this was due to where there brains were found

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    Fantastic book and one that I always refer to before squeezing a round off!
    There is another excellent read written by Hag Stillborn called 'The Earls Shoe!"

    Come on boys, you can do it!!

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    Strange name that. Please correct me if I am wrong here but wasn't he the Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary and Cuban guerrilla leader. Was he also into neck shots?

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    good point steyr .308
    your one had a gun this one only wishes he did

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