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Thread: screw cut question

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    screw cut question

    i have a rem 700 7mm08 would half inch unf leave enough metal on the barrel for everyday use thanks for your help

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    1/2" unf is fine on a 7mm. However, if I had a choice and the mod was compatible, I would rather have 15x1 metric thread.

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    thanks i have a a5 mod in half inch and dont want to spend on a new mod

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    1/2 UNF is fine for a 7mm-08.

    I personally do not like putting 1/2UNF on 30 cals.

    When you work out what the barrel wall thickness is at the thread root,,,,,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by rem708cdl View Post
    thanks i have a a5 mod in half inch and dont want to spend on a new mod
    For that mod I would say the minimum thread size has to be 14x1, 1/2 unf wont leave enough barrel for such a heavy moddy, 15x1 is even better. JMO

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