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Thread: Hare to gut or not ?

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    Hare to gut or not ?

    Evening. I need some advice please , do you leave the guts in a hare or gut it quickly ?
    I am getting mixed options !

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    Usually "push-gut" them in the field.

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    It depends on your personal taste. And the weather. And the weather when you shot it....if it is able to cool quickly.

    On a moor in Scotland in August I'd gut it. In the depths of winter then it can air cool quite quickly.

    But certainly if you do leave the guts in hang it head down with a plastic bag over the head to catch the blood. Which you can then add to the pot that you will stew it in.

    I'd maybe leave the guts in for a couple of days only and, as your hanging it head down they'll be in the chest cavity so won't take the flesh. I wouldn't leave it for longer.

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    Hares are not normally gutted on the big driven days, I am not too sure why, but I think 90%+ go for export and that is the way them foreigners like them, so that is what the game dealer wants.

    If the hare is for your own consumption, gut it in the field, but be aware they hold a lot of blood so you need a suitable container for the trip home.

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    Traditionally Hares were not gutted rabbits always so, I think the main reason for not gutting Hares was the popularity of dishes such as Hare soup where the blood was needed,Hares were also hung for a period of time rabbits usual!y not,rabbit flesh turns green quite quickly if the guts are left in

    There was a time when Game dealers wanted the guts left in rabbits for freezing and sending abroad,don't think I would have been very keen on eating them.

    I have worked a fair bit with Italian sportsmen and they want everything gutted Hares,Rabbits,Pheasants,Wildfowl everything apart from Woodcock and Snipe.

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    I think it also depends how they've been shot, if rifle head shot I'd happily hang it a few days in cold conditions, but if killed with a shotgun then I would gut it as soon as possible, if the guts are damaged they spoil very quickly.

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    I've tried it both ways.

    Unless you actively like the very strong gaminess that you get when you leave the guts in, I'd gut them as soon as possible. It is not a subtle taste!

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    I tend to gut immediately unless for jugging but I don't really like jugged hare finding it a bit too rich and strong. I prefer to braise in stock, long and slow in the oven till the meat flakes from the bone , getting hungry just typing this.

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    Getting hungry just typing this
    Mmm. With redcurrant or crab apple jelly...mmm!

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    Gut it they are heavy enough allready,

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