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Thread: Trigger kit

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    Trigger kit

    Iam looking for a trigger up grade for my .17 hmr , where is the best place to get them and are they easy to fit your self

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    Try Rimfire Magic. Have a kit in my CZ455 - excellent trigger now. Rimfiremagic, suppliers of trigger kits, guns and ammunition.

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    +1 very good trigger upgrade and easy to do after watching a few videos on YouTube.

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    i got a kit called yodave trigger kit on my 455 17hmr. Initially has it down to 1lb with no creep but could trip the sear with a heavy bump. Settled on about 2.5lb, no creep. Everyone who uses gun comments on the trigger and smoothness of bolt ( polished down to 1200grit). Great addition to the gun.

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