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    Has any one got the jack pike trousers, are they any good , they look hardy trouser for general use

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    Which ones?

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    It's the countryman trousers about 50 ish

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    Sorry, no experience. Have had the field trousers for about two years. Not impressed. After modifying them they perform well enough in fine weather but the fabric is not all that robust. I've more or less relegated them to the air rifle range in the summer to minimise damage.

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    Just bought a pair, but cant really help as not had them on yet. The fabric seems ok and the fit is good could be worn as over trousers or stand alone in warmer weather. They are supposed to be water proof, breathable and quiet. Tom

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    Mine are tough but get wet quickly, they do dry out fast though. They have taken a hammering this beating season and for 45 i think they were good value. The warm weather has made up for being a bit damp on a lot of days this year. Martyn.

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    I've never worn Jack Pike clothing myself, but bought a jacket and trousers for my 10 year old son last year and can confidently say I won't be buying anything of this brand again. I don't know if the adult range is manufactured any different to the junior range but my son's suit leaked like a sieve and the material was akin to toughness of a box of kleenex.
    Just my experience.

    ATB Lee

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    Jack Pike is a budget range of clothing for country sports. You can read what you like into what "budget" means. In my experience, it means that "waterproof" means "waterproof for a few minutes". "Breathable" means "Sweat like a sumo wrestler if you move in them." What's more, the stitching on things such as the pockets starts to unravel without too much persuasion.

    It's not all bad. The material seems fairly robust, the style is okay, they are quiet and I suppose it's not the end of the world if you snag and rip it on barbed wire. I had trousers and a jacket which I used for a while as a second set, but they have now been relegated to third best and I can't remember when they were last out of the wardrobe.

    So...don't expect to pay peanuts and get Pro Hunter type performance. But they'll do a job at a price.

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    I have a pair of pyke trousers, like pedro says they do the job, they wont keep you dry in a sustained downpour but for dryish weather they will be ok and yup seams aint the best I have had to get the gaffer onto them with a needle and thread when one of the trouser seams came loose , when it's P1ssing it down I use my goretex gear

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