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Thread: Difficulty in measuring COL on my .223. Any suggestions

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    Difficulty in measuring COL on my .223. Any suggestions

    OK I have been reloading for years and normally use a Stoney Point COl and the appropriate case.

    Anyway this weekend thought I should sort out a load for my newly aquired 69 grn TMK's

    So went about it as normal but for the life of me I just couldn't get any consistent readings, they were varrying by 20 Thou. Fell into two batches. After an hour of frustration I resorted to getting a brand new Lapua case, checked in a Wilson COL guage, slighly enlarged the neck so tightish bullet fit and marked bullet with marker pen and chambered a round. I did this sevearl times and got a degree of consistent readings.

    Not much signs/if any at all of rifling. Could it be that either my border SS cut barrel has a long throat or is it a little shot out. Its not shot a huge ammount of rounds, probably not a 1000.

    Has anybody got any suggestions?

    Anyway loaded a range from 25 to 26 grn of N140 to see what they are like.

    All 10 thou of what I asume is max COL. Also no issues in mag length as its in an AICS with a .223 polymer mag.



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    If the only thing you have changed is the bullet then I suggest checking things with the type of bullet you used to use. If this goes OK then you gauge is fine so it would suggest the new bullets are not what they should be quality wise.

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    I very much doubt there's anything wrong with the 69 TMK's, they're usually good quality. You may have a long throat but I would check your seating stem. You may find that the bullet tip is bottoming out in the stem so the stem is actually bearing down on the tip not on the bullet.

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    Are you sure the throat is spotlessly clean, no carbon ring ?


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    load some and shoot some, find the best groups the same way you would normally
    IMO the only relevant measurements is the size of the group and the OAL of the round for consistent reloading

    its relation to the lands/leade/throat are largely redundant, especially if the sharp edges of the rifling are now slowly eroded and you are having difficulty getting consistent readings

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    Was going to run a range of loads and get some idea of what looks good and then load some at different cols on the most accurate load to see if there is any difference. I will post results.


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    Are you removing the case sizing lube thoroughly before powder charging and seating the bullet? It may be worth it to strip, inspect and clean your seating die. I encountered similar problems due to a build up of crud which I think was sizing lube in the die, the bullets and probably the cases as well were getting stuck and causing random variations in seating.

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