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Thread: A good read.

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    A good read.

    Morning all.

    Have just about finished reading Death in the Silent Places by Peter Hathaway Capstick.

    One hell of a riveting read.

    Tells the stories of some of the big names in hunting such as Jim Corbett (The man eating Leopard of Rudraprayag), WDM Karamojo Bell (The wanderings of an Elephant hunter), Chauncey Stigand, J H Patterson (The Tsavo man eaters).

    Just leaves you wanting more, must get a copy of Death in the long grass now! More expense!



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    It was through Peter H Capstick that I got the bug for big game books back in the early 80's. Death in the Long Grass, Death in the Dark Continent, Death in Silent Places and Safari are still on my booksheld and I look at them frequently. Like you, through his books I started reading others by Patterson, Ionides, Bell, etc.

    If you haven't read them, Jim Corbett's books are pretty much unbeatable. I was lucky enough to get copies signed by him, and another by his wife. When the house goes up in flames those will be the first thing I grab, then the wife

    If you have trouble getting hold of the other titles, let me know and you're welcome to borrow mine.


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    That's very kind of you Willie, I first read Corbetts books back in 2001 and have read them 3 more time since, they really are that good. I'll have a word with David Grayling books I'm sure they'll have everything I want. Bells books are first on the list I think. If every member of this site had read his books then some of the calibre debates on here would cease to be when people realised it's more about the actual placement of the shot than the calibre itself!!!!

    I shall now retreat to a relatively safe distance and await the flack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Make sure you read Capstick's book on the life & times of Wally Johnston - to say that guy lived a life is an understatement...

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    Don't forget ANYTHING by JA Hunter is worth getting too !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheshire Lad View Post
    Make sure you read Capstick's book on the life & times of Wally Johnston - to say that guy lived a life is an understatement...
    X 2 on this, what a story.


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    Funnily enough I picked up a scruffy copy of Death in the Silent Places about two weeks ago in a 2nd hand book shop just started reading it , brilliant !
    I'm only up to the bit with guys who's idea of fun is sticking spears into Jaguars !! (not throwing , sticking !! ) .The tsavo story was fascinating , I had heard about it , but never realised the extent of havoc created by these lions . I thought stalking did a good job of getting the blood pumping but is made positivley mundane by the antics of these fellas ! They make base jumping look like an old ladies pastime !

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    I hope that you are not reading that book at work Waldy whilst I am out here working from dawn to dusk in 45 degrees!

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    I'm off on me holls next week so i've ordered 'Death in the long grass and return to the silent places. that should keep me busy on the beach for a day or 2.


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    bill wapiti, Im glad you mentioned John Hunter, brought near shearington, carlaverock, he also co wrote with dan manix, who hunted with all sorts, blow pipe, bow ,ect.
    Hunter worked for kenyan commission and shot in excess of 1,800 as part of the land clearances for british setlers.
    Some of his tales are hair raising, Trully well worth seeking out.
    I loaned my copys, and will never loan another.

    Dry Powder.


    Ps i see your from gods country as well.

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