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Thread: reloading for a 17 hornet ?

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    reloading for a 17 hornet ?

    It appears to be difficult to get hold of 17 hornet reloading equipment, I am looking for recommendations for dies (hornady or rcbs ?), and other bits and pieces, and best place to get them on line
    Also, I assume the 22 hornet shell holder is suitable for the 17 ? What about the case length gauge ?
    Any advice welcome

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    Reloading equipment for the .17HH is hard to get as the calibre is a bit niche over here. Hornady and RCBS dies are good but impossible to get hold of as everyone snaps them up as soon as they arrive. A bit pricier but the redding dies are available (i got mine off spud on here). Not sure what shell holder I have but i assume it will be the same as the .22, I didnt get a case length gauge just get a universal trimmer and you can use that on your other calibres as they usually have the pilots for all the popular calibres with it but you will need a .17 pilot for it

    Best bet is speak to spud he will sort it all for you

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    As David0_84 states, it is a bit niche and not commonly loaded for. I sense it is slowly gaining some traction and we can hope to become better catered for.

    Aftab at Reloading Solutions managed to get me a Hornady FL and Seating Die set, Wilson Chamber Type bullet seater die, Redding Neck Sizing die and Wilson trimmer case holder. Brass was back ordered but came in soon enough, same shell holder as .22Hornet so no probs there. .17 projectiles reasonably easy to source and obvious choices for me are 20gr V-Max and Berger 25gr HP.

    TBH it is a bit fiddly to load for but no great drama and the results are worth it.

    A tub of powder lasts a very long time!


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