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Thread: First F.A.C.

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    First F.A.C.

    My grandson aged 17 received his first F.A.C. this morning.
    He does not own a rifle and will be using mine.

    Applied for a specific piece of ground and he would be mentored by me.

    Very surprised when he received an open ticket with no restrictions, no mention of needing to be mentored, and all my rifles listed on the certificate.

    Certificate states. The borrowed weapons to which this certificate relates are the actual property
    of xxxxx xxxxxx F.A.C. NO. xxxx

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    Good news Bogtrotter.

    One of my lads got his FAC last summer but they were being sticky about allowing him the 25.06 on his ticket. Their agruement went that he did not need the 25.06 for roe. I challenged them on it and they admitted that they would have given him the 25.06 if he had not applied for the 223 as well !! Long story short, I got permission for him on ground where there are reds so they had no option but to grant him the 25.06 as well.

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