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Thread: reloading advice for custom rifle please

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    reloading advice for custom rifle please

    Iíve just got a new rifle and with it came, what I believe is called a ghost chamber. Itís a small section of barrel, which has been chambered with the same reamer as the rifle, and a window cut out so you can see the case and bullet and its proximity to the start of the rifling. The caliber is 22-250 rem, the ghost chamber has 22-250 .252nk engraved on it. What does this actually mean? To my naked eye It looks like I can have longer cases than sammi spec and have the bullets seated out further to touch the lands? Any comments /advice please

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    .252 is the neck diameter, when it's specified it normally means it's tighter than normal, which means you need to neck turn your brass or they either won't fit or be too tight and cause excessive pressure...

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    Take a piece of your intended brass and seat one of the bullets you intend to use. Measure the outside diameter with your micrometer. If you have .249 or less (1.5thou release eache side) then you'll be fine. If the measurement is over this then you will need to neck turn to reduce the thickness of the brass. Ideally you will also use bushing dies as these allow you to exactly control the neck tension. A .248 bushing should be ideal as this will allow for 1 thou spring back of the brass.
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    Cheers Gareth, checked out the rounds and they measure up ok. Very much looking forward to a shootout competition with a mates 6mm rem Ackley when it arrives

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    Hi this ghost chamber is for helping you set up you FL (full length) die or body bump die as it is cut with the same reamer as your chamber as you said. Measure a fired case in the ghost camber then put it through you FL die & re-measure the case in the ghost chamber you should at most get 3thou of smaller size diffrence. For your chamber seating depth you are best keep any fired cases with a split neck & neck size them only. Then seat the bullet just in & no more & put into you rifle & chamber your round which will push the bullet into the case & stop when the bolt is closed. Measure the length of this with a comparitor to give you your size & back off to your desired seating depth that works for your rifle. You only need FL size or body bump cases that are sticky on extraction the other cases can be neck sized till sticky hope this helps.

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