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Thread: Pens for sale

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    Pens for sale

    Hi all,

    For sale are two Mont Blanc John Lennon Special edition pens. 1 rollerball and one ballpoint. Comes with massive box, John Lennon vinyl record and stamped service guides and refill. (Each pen has its own box etc).

    Also have a pair of brand new Mont Blanc Urban walker floating star (GOLD MODEL) cufflinks RRP 360 I'll sell for 275.

    Brand new never used.
    Rollerball is 450
    Ballpoint is 400.
    Not in a hurry to sell so no offers please.


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    wow that was a suprise I was looking for pheasant pens lol

    Good luck with your pens

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    That makes two of us Jonevo.

    Hope the pen sale goes well mitchief.

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