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Thread: New Porthole Gong

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    New Porthole Gong

    Been meaning to finish this for a while
    I had the nice people at BH targets make me a custom cut of gong with a 2" centre cut out

    I have now now welded the centre on a hinge (muckle heavy duty one!)

    Painted nice and white with some reticule helper marks and I will be putting it to the test shortly

    It will have a flag stuck to the back which with only appear above when the centre is hit and knocked through and up
    may have to do a bit of trial and error on the weight required

    only being used for .222 and below for the moment!

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    It looks like you're targeting a bast***ised version of Hello Kitty...

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    Could be a market there! Hello kitty gongs!

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    They market just about everything else - no reason why they wouldn't want some flip-up centre fire gongs alongside the lunch boxes and pencil top rubbers

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    Goodbye kitty perhaps?

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    Hello Kitty bought it yesterday

    Held up well
    need to work out a better way to hang truly vertical as the porthole swings open a bit the way I had it

    not too many shots, but full fat 40gr .222 loads and not a mark except a slight nick on one that hit the cut line

    very pleased!

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    Quote Originally Posted by urx View Post
    Goodbye kitty perhaps?

    ha ha laughed my socks off!!! Nice!

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