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Thread: Very interesting morning.

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    Very interesting morning.

    I was out for a morning stalk today with a regular client of mine. We saw some interesting things and took a few videos.

    Then we stalked into a nice marshy area where I knew I had a big old buck working. There he was out sunning himself. A very nice trophy that should make a silver medal.

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    Nice buck that Mark some length to it as well.
    Excellent good luck with the measuring

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    Nice Buck Mark, looks like you had a good morning, all those deer and getting a good Buck to boot
    I like the middle video, what set them running?


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    Thanks guys.

    It was a nice morning with plenty of activity. The buck is weighing in at 620g before drying.
    I stepped out of the cover and it set off one of the does, they were only 40 yards from me but the buck still didn't know where I was.


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