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Thread: Mauser M12 or Steyr Mannlicher CLll?

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    Mauser M12 or Steyr Mannlicher CLll?

    I have a slot for a 30-06 on my licence and am in the position of being able to fill it up now.

    The rifle will be used for African plains game, potential boar shooting and occasional use here in the UK if I fancy a change from the .243.

    I've had a look at several rifles around the 1500 mark and have narrowed it down to the two in the thread title.

    I don't want to go Sako or Tikka as everyone I know seems to shoot them and I prefer to be different.
    Thought about a CZ but although the prices are good, I can't warm to them.
    I looked at a Sauer 101 and although the action was silky smooth it didn't give me the warm and fuzzies and because I own a rifle for enjoyment and sport rather than necessity of a job, the warm and fuzzies when picking up my rifle are important.

    So I like the Mauser M12 and have always secretly desired a Mauser even though it is the bottom end of the range and from the Blaser/Sauer factory etc.

    I also like the Steyr Mannlicher CLll, I own one already (classic halfstock as opposed to CLll) and I'm one of the minority (seemingly) who like them.

    The rifle will have a wooden stock because that's my preference and it's for enjoyment rather than a working tool.

    The Mauser stock seems more sturdy than the Steyr which is a factor if I'm going to travel with it but it's not so pretty. I like the Bavarian style.

    The rifle will not be moderated and barrel replacement is not going to be an issue.

    So, I thought I would garner the opinions of the forum members and ask, if it was your money and taking into account the points I've made above and not telling me I should buy a Sako or Remington or to get a plastic stock or different calibre etc, which would you choose?
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    Adrian, all your choices are wrong. You should buy a Tikka T3, great accuracy out of the box, but not in .30-06 which is to slow for deer and just stuns them a bit. The only calibre worth using is the 6.5 Boomshakalaka. Admittedly factory ammunition is impossible to come by, but soon it will be ubiquitous. Then, discard the stock and have a custom one made from germanium imported from America. Have the action pillar bedded with ice. This will require a nitrogen cooling system to keep the ice in a solid state, so you'll have to carry a power pack on your back. Worth it for the extra accuracy though. Of course all of this will be in vain unless you change the barrel for a 23.67" one with carbon fibre weave around it. Now I know your budget is 1,500 and this is more like 9-11k, but buy once, cry once.
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    hope to pick my M12 up this week I do have a Steyr and they seem a similar quality build the Mauser action is slick the safety easy enough to work quietly and if the press are to be believed good out to target type rifle distances .like you I won't ever need to re barrel mine is in 308
    cheers Norma

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    Or alternately, the CL2 is just really nice, although they don't make a fullstock version any more as far as I can tell. The Mauser's just a bit meh. Have you looked at the Heym SR21?
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    Mauser M12 in 30-06 any day, light and deadly accurate.

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    Mauser M12. I have an Extreme in 6.5x55 and can't fault it. Excellent review of the Impact in Rifle Shooter.

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    Mauser M12, light and accurate, a very nice rifle.

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    That's a lad I know who wrote that review, he has stretched his M12 6.5 to the extremes, it shot really well at long distances

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    I'd go Mauser aswell , I have an M03 and love it they are fantastically well built quality rifles I very much doubt you would be disopointed with it

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    Would love a mauser m12, or sauer 202, havent seen either in my neck of the woods. I have always thought the same way, nice wood, and blued steel, I make my living a different way. This is to be admired, and used when I want. Either one of your choices are excellent, in my mind

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