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Thread: .17 cal bullets

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    .17 cal bullets

    Evening all,

    I'm finding it hard to get hold of .17 Berger match varmint bullets and I don't suppose anyone not a million miles from Romford has any that they would be willing to sort me out 10 or 20, ideally I'd like 20, 25 and 30gr just so I can try them out. Failing that does anyone know any stockists local to me. Trouble is they only come in 200 boxes so not ideal if the rifle doesn't like them.

    cheers guys


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    Hi David, you are going to have a hard time finding some of the bullets you want, Berger now only make the 25gr Flat Base Varmint Bullet so unless you find anyone who has old stock you are going to be out of luck. i can let you have some 20s and 25s, send me PM and i will sort them out for you


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    Have you tried May's of London in Buckhurst Hill, I know one of the guys in there is a .17 fan so may be able to help.

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    Thanks for the replies folks. Labrador I hadn't thought of Mays I'll give them a call tomorrow cheers

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    reloading solutions-or Norman clarke

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