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Thread: Looking for a custom or semi custom .260 Rem

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    Looking for a custom or semi custom .260 Rem

    I am in the market for a .260 Rem, 26"-28" max barrel, 1-8 or 1-8.5 twist to stabalise 139-140 grain Berger/ Lapaua, but would like to drive 123gn A max. Heavy barrel, fluted if poss, synthetic stock good. Just want to see whats out there before I spend money on new?

    Oh and I am looking for a set of Redding dies, inc neck die if poss, type S with comp seater, kicked myself when all this was snapped up on here about a month ago, oh well.
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    James clark
    AKA jäger sporting arms.

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    call james clark. good prices and good work. but really busy but that says something


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    Quote Originally Posted by dropmdead View Post
    Thats a good question, Built £3k max, S/H prob around £2k max, but really its going to be decided on whats going!

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    Anyone else got anything?

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    Devon custom rifles.

    Dcr action, trigger, border barrel, magpul tacticool stock, pic rail. Built and proofed, £2k.

    Give john a shout.
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    If you like the look of the dolphin stocks (which I think are great) you could buy new for between your S/H and new budget.
    Welcome to the Dolphin Gun Company

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    I have an rpa 260 for sale

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    Theres a .260 for sale on UKV- but its a left hooker.

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