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Thread: Choice of brass 223

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    Choice of brass 223

    I'm reloading 223 mainly for foxing and some very informal range work ( plinking) do I go for expensive lapua brass or cheaper ppu.
    i used to use ppu for my 222 and found it okay but intend to shoot more round now. Is it worth buying the more expensive brass any opinions?
    Thanks Mark

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    If scores count, lapua.

    If not, ppu.
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    Lapua will probably last longer, so over its life isnt really more expensive. also if you only neck size I have has about 12 reloads out of some Lapua, they are still ok , just need trimming after about 4 times. So works out about 3/4pence per load ? good luck

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    Lapua almost lasts forever and no need to prep. The last lot I got was 67 100 I think Sportsman has or did have a good price on them.


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    Lapua, norma or sako excellent. Worth the extra.

    RWS/GECO, Winchester, about 5/6 firings. Good enough. I would say most large scale factory from USA falls into this category eg hornady, federal, remington.

    PPU, S and B ...wouldnt bother. Personal choice. I like small groups on paper to allow for small error on the animal. 4 inches at 100yds is not a small group.

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    I've just landed a few hundred new headstamped RP from Relcom. I've used an old batch for a while.

    Lapua is lovely but it's very expensive. If shooting a couple hundred rounds a year then a hundred new cases will last you a good while.
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    Well I ended up investing in lapua brass 58.50 Trent firearms running up some development rounds hornady 50 grain vmax h4895 powder going out today to see how they shoot

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