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Thread: Anschutz 1417 .22lr

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    Anschutz 1417 .22lr

    Hello folks. Had the rimmy out yesterday and noticed something a bit strange. After a couple of mags though it the bolt started to tighten up, quite a bit.
    I took the bolt out and give it a good clean with a lightly oiled cloth and replaced. No better. Now, the bolt cycles perfectly with a empty mag so its not the bolt.
    I tried loading a round into the throat by hand and, there you go, the last 2-3mm very stiff. These are Winchester 40gr subs which I've always used and the gun usually loves. Have things changed with the winy subs ( this is a new brick ) or do I need to be checking something on the gun? I've tried CCI HPs and they are similar but, they seamed to of always dried my bolt out and made it stiff. The gun shoots well just the stiffness in the bolt. I'll try and get my hands on some other brands to try.
    Theres not much to choose from at the moment though.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Regards. cjs

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    have you cleaned the chamber to see what comes out?
    Winsubs are pretty waxy

    they certainly do change from lot to lot over the years
    might just be getting sticky

    the leade on my sako is tight, if I use CCI Segs or Win Subs they can get tight after a while.
    Eley and RWS with a more rounded nose chamber much easier

    quick clean and its fine

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    Hi B500.
    I've cleaned the first inch or so but it looked pretty clean, nothing nasty there anyway.
    I don't like to go full hog on the barrel, it takes an age to settle down again.
    I'll try it and report back..
    Cheers. cjs

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    Update on original post..

    Went to rfd and got myself 100 RWS HP, 100 Winny 42 max and 100 Eley HP. Now, here is the strange bit, all three brands shot very well and cycled without a problem.
    So it was the ammo that I've always used that had the problem and not the rifle.. Something must have changed with the batch, hey ho, we sorted now….


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    just occasionally the chamber tightens up on my's then I know it needs to be cleaned. Usually about every 12 months, but depends on how many rounds go through it. After cleaning all is well again. Does take a few rounds to settle back down, but it's not much of a problem really. A dozen at very most & don't have to touch the scope.
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