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Thread: Latest RSPB blurb for the masses?

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    Latest RSPB blurb for the masses?

    Excuse me if I'm wrong but?

    In the opening page supposedly from the Editor in Chief, a statement under Success Stories and I quote "on my first ever visit to the Broads I was taken to a reed bed raptor roost and watched a dozen hen harriers assembling with marsh harriers and merlins, with flocks of bugling craned overhead"

    My first thought about this statement is a leaning towards the thought of the writer being overcome by the vapors from the printing ink?
    A personal thought here of an event such as this occurring would be on a level of 10 years truthful statements from Politicians?

    What do you think?
    Grateful of the opinions of simple country folk before I ask the location to be denied the information due to them being suspicious of my intent?

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    words fail me really - for once

    I holiday on the broads every year, have never seen more than 3 harriers in the same area. We had a relatively high boat last year so we could see over the top of the reeds. We must have missed them!

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    My guess is Hickling Broad. Not been this year, but in the past there have been good numbers of harriers of both species. Haven't seen the cranes there.

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    Stubb Mill is said to famed for this event.


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    It would be great if this were so, and I hope it is, but it sounds like his first ever visit was in the early 1800s. Must be an elderly gentleman by now...

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    Red kites can sometimes form mass roosts, could be possible with HH.

    These are not the 'almost exticnt' breeding pairs thou these will be over wintering birds guessing from scotland or possibly further north too, so could behave like this and roost in communal areas.
    I'm persuming it is winter roosts?

    HH are not as rare as some would like to make out, i think there was 17 fledged this year in eng? (from memory, 17 nests all the fledged chicks were from shooting estates and the 8 failed nests were all on or monitored by RSPB ) and Langholm moor alone fledged 47 from (12 nests) chicks 2 years ago and 17 this past non summer.
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    Yes, why not? Wintering harriers roost communally, the RSPB reserve on the Humber has 20+ marsh harriers but usually only a two or three hen harriers which come in every evening to roost in the reedbeds.

    As for Hen Harriers as a breeding birds, yes a very poor breeding record in England but they are quite successful in Scotland. They move from the uplands to the coast to winter.

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