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Thread: Eskdale Wood and Wildlife Management

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    Eskdale Wood and Wildlife Management

    Hi guys, I just wonderd if any one has any views on the afore mentioned as I am thinking about booking with them for a few days.The only info I can get is from their web.This is not an advert it is a genuine question. Thanks lads..Bozzy

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    Hi Bozzy,

    Eskdale W&W was founded by the great Ronnie Rose - I think in the 70's. He is very very highly respected among stalkers, and most everyone who knows about management of woodland. I belive the company is now run by his son (also called Ronnie I think) who seems a top notch bloke when I have spoken too him, and I know a fair few folk who have stalked there and really enjoyed it. The quality/size of his patch is not known to me, nor his succes rate.

    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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    I went there a couple of years ago very good and a nice bloke.

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    I have no knowledge of EWWM but found a couple of videos whilst looking on youtube which may be of interest.

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    As Sam says, Eskdale W&W was founded by Ronnie Rose, one of the god fathers of forest management/deer management in Scotland, a much respected man in the stalking world, his son Ronald now runs the business and Ronald’s son was also helping out. I am not sure how much land he now has but it was thousands of hectors in and around Eskdalemuir.

    Go you will have no worries, it is a great opportunity to learn, if you can find a copy of Ronnie’s book “A Rose between two thorns” it is a great read.



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    He has Roe and Sika on the land and Ronnie is a great bloke. Tell us about it when you get back mate.

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    I was up there back in March, as already said he's a very nice bloke and all of the stalkers that i met were top blokes. I dont think you will be disapointed.


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    Thanks for the information,I will take your advice and go get me some Scottish deer. Bozzy

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    Heard a rumour that Ronnie is moving up north?????


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    Did my level 1 with them a few years ago, thoroughly recomended.

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