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Thread: Savage Accustalker .243

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    Unhappy Savage Accustalker .243

    FEO visit this morning went great. Recommended for .243 and .22lr.
    Just got to wait a few weeks for the Certificate now
    I have had a good look at lots of rifles, seriously considering the Savage Accustalker .243, any current owners out there who can offer more info, or review? I have the funds available thanks to my recent house sale


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    While the Accu Stalker seems to be UK specialty, I have owned many Savages and still own several. My Long Range Hunter 308 has the same bedding as the Accu Stalker and the Long Range Hunter is a very accurate rifle, indeed. I would expect nothing less from the Accu Stalker.~Muir

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    I've got a cheap Savage .22lr and I hate the Accutrigger. It may be because it's on a cheap rimfire so not made to the same standard as a cf rifle but it has loads of creep and I dislike the extra trigger within the trigger, fine on a Glock where you don't want to be faffing about with a safety catch but not refined enough on a stalking rifle. The rifle still shoots well despite this though and it's pretty tough if a little agricultural but depends what you're after.

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    Thanks Muir, I think my mind is made up on it now. Still another few weeks until my ticket is actually issued, Avon and Somerset backlogged. Really looking forward to spending some cash; rimfire, 12 bore and the .243; I should get a decent package deal with ammo and scopes etc.
    I have also looked at a Savage .22 rimfire, laminated stock and stainless. It has the same Accutrigger. Lovely balance in the hand, I think I will buy both Savages!


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