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Thread: Weatherby Vanguard V2

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    Weatherby Vanguard V2

    Hey everyone

    what is peoples opinion on a Weatherby Vanguard RC V2 in .243

    I am after a work horse rifle that doesn't break the bank and still shoot accurate. I am torn between a Howa 1500, Browning X bolt and the Vanguard.

    any advice from owners of these guns would be great.


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    I think the Vanguards are nice rifles when you want a well built, dependable accurate shooter/work horse...especially for the money. I have a couple of the older series 1 vanguards and have handled the series 2. The RC is a much nicer rifle, but I'd generalize my thoughts as follows:
    - Machining and finish are really excellent
    - Strong action (standard 2 lug bolt design only gives "normal" scope clearance if that matters to you)
    - You can expect it to live up to the accuracy guarantee
    - Crappy factory stock on base models, but the RC fixes that
    - Overall, not that many options for further customisation
    - I really like the current adjustable 2 stage trigger
    - uses rem 700 bases which gives you loads of options
    - I like the drop away magazine floor plate as it's easy to unload without the fear of losing a mag in the field but preferences vary
    - I like the ergonomics - again, my preference

    As you know, howa and weatherby vanguard are almost exactly the same rifle (you may want to compare customer support, accuracy guarantee etc between the two as they may vary there). I haven't owned an X bolt, have only handled so won't comment. No

    If the vanguard RC fits your budget, I am pretty sure it will fill your stated needs very nicely.

    all the best

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