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Thread: DTA Covert 308+243

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    DTA Covert 308+243

    Right so here goes, The rifle is the much sought after Desert Tech Arms Covert. This to me is the best switch calibre tactical rifle system on the market. I have owned this for about 18 months and it is a real tack driver. I have also tested the return to zero of the barrel changes and it has NEVER not been bang on after the barrel has been out. It also has the awesome factory monopod! A very expensive option when new!! I have used the 308 barrel out to 1000 yards with the 208 Amax.
    The rifle comes with 2 barrels, a factory 16'' 308 barrel and a custom lother walther 18'' 243 barrel. Round count on the 308 is just shy of 1000 and the round count on the 243 is 98.
    I am including Third Eye Tac sound mod,2x short action mags, 1x modified mag for extra col, 1x magnum mag & Bore Guide

    price is 3850

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    If I had the money, I would love this. Have a bump on me. Great bit of kit.


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    Back to the top please

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    Back to the top please

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    Would love to add this to the DTA .338 that i have. Great piece of kit.

    Have a bump on me.

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    Yes it's still for sale

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    Now sold pending usual

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