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Thread: Hi All

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    Hi All

    Hello to all at SD. Im from Loch Lomond,I have been Interested In Deer Stalking/Fox Control for a few years now - although I have preferred to learn the "trade" before jumping "In" and running out to purchase a rifle,so I have being doing my research,asking questions/advice & generally gathering as much Info as I can,and I feel the time Is right to progress from my trusty rimfire to a Deer Calibre Rifle.I also enjoy Game Shooting hence my username !!

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    Welcome, to the forum. There's a good few members on here from Balloch and Dumbarton .but they wouldn't give a blind hen a worm.

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    Welcome AYA man. Plenty of good advice on this site. Penta sounds a little bitter!!
    Good hunting.

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    Were not that bad - are we ha ha

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    I'm only kidding. No bitterness whatsoever,

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    Thanks for the welcome - much app !! - another learning curve joining SD, hopefully pick up advise/tips ect ect,and maybe pick up a Invite to see how Its done first hand,Im enthusiastic and not scared to ask - Its the only way to learn,Is by advise passed down ??

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    Thanks Penta,I enjoy the Banter

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    Quote Originally Posted by AYA4 View Post
    Thanks Penta,I enjoy the Banter

    Good , some don't see it though. Some have worms and no hens.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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