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Thread: Tier One / Third Eye Tactical Spartan III .308 moderator

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    Tier One / Third Eye Tactical Spartan III .308 moderator

    Selling my Spartan III, its had 42 rounds of 308 through it over the past year, strips down perfectly, no seized threads. I'm selling without the muzzle brake, so you can order whichever thread brake you require from Third Eye to suit your rifle. (The brake is off ticket, so no problems with delivery). The moderator is ON ticket though, so face to face ideally.

    This is in the EOB "End of Barrel" and Reflex configuration, all parts supplied so you can configure accordingly.

    Looking for 60 without brake, or if you don't want the hassle of buying from Third Eye I will supply with a brand new brake in the thread of your choice on receipt of a deposit, in which case the price is 160.

    Although its used, the exterior of the moderator is mint, no scratches or dents in the anodising, its in original box and comes with the strip down tool.

    Near J15 of the M6.
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    Ill take it if youll post to my rfd. It can go with parcelfarce all ok
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