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Thread: Starting from scratch

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    Starting from scratch


    My interest in stalking started about 4 years back and stems largely from feeling that if I am going to be willing to eat something, I best be willing to kill it as well. And do so with respect and care. But I am in the very early stages of this new adventure.

    Right now, I am reading and researching how I go about learning to stalk, where I can target practise (I live in Edinburgh) and even get my head around the vocabulary of firearms. (Like I said, at the very early stages of learning). I am petite and so this also plays into my research...figuring out what sort of rifle I will be able to shoot and shoot well with.

    Best wishes


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    Welcome to the site, you should be able to get all the help you need on here don't be afraid to ask.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks John! Much appreciated.


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    Unless you have someone who can teach you to shoot a rifle I`d look at joining a target shooting club , after a probationary period you will be able to apply for a firearms certificate , normally this will not allow you to go stalking but you will at least learn how to shoot , when you are confident in your shooting go for DSC1 ,this will teach you all the basics and should also allow the condition of deer stalking added to you FAC ,living where you do there will be plenty of accompanied stalking with in an hour or so`s drive, crack on and good luck.

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    Thank you! That's a useful suggestion on how to move forward.

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    The rifle can be adapted to your stature and your not the first petite person to take up rifle shootign and stalking. In fact browsing the web about classic rifles came across a Ross rifle that had been so shortened to a 12" length of Pull for a small stature shooter. As mentioned above finding and joining a shooting club that shoots rifles is a very good idea and will most likely allow you to try different tyeps or makes of rifles.

    I wish you well in your new interest.

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    If you're interested in pheasants too you would be most welcome to join us for a walk on the 26th or the 29th to see what's involved.

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    Hi Susan
    Joining a shooting club is the first step, once you are comfortable and confident in your shooting abilities, look on here for paid stalking, lots of guys offer a days stalking at reasonable prices, if you are happy to continue with your FAC aplication with paid stalking as the reason to aquire, you dont need your own ground I have been stalking for 3 years and dont have any ground yet
    good luck in your stalking journey

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    The other step it might be worth considering is getting in touch with Elizabeth at Braidwood Clays as they have a pipe range (an indoor, underground rifle range) and say that you are interested in trying rifle shooting. It will be very simple to do this & will cost hardly anything & you won't be committed to pursuing anything that you might not enjoy. Elizabeth shoots rifles & shotguns & stalks & I'm sure would be able to help. They also run ladies days for shotgun lessons.
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    Hi Susan and welcome
    As has been said before join a club, which is what I did. I had lots of experience with shotguns and air rifles but very little with rifles. It is money well spent as you are able to try various guns and get advice.
    Like you my knowledge of stalking was limited so I did my DSC1, for me it was money well spent, and I really enjoyed it.
    You are never to old or late to learn as their is always something else.
    Enjoy the journey.
    If you decide you want to go further and get your FAC, buy the biggest cabinet you can afford. Once you get into it , you will understand why. This is a good site full of helpfull people, you have made a good start.

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