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Thread: Bsa majestic monarch or regal/imperial

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    Bsa majestic monarch or regal/imperial


    Bsa majestic, monarch, or regal/imperial wanted


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    OK Griff need a bit to work with here:-

    1) what calibre?

    2) what condition

    3) Price range?

    Now as you might have noticed I peruse the web to see what's on offer and noticed this and it looks very clean. A 2nd Pattern Monarch in .270. Only looked at the photos mind so it would need checking in person.

    Low Mill Ranges Tel: 01946-814 769 asking 245 and it's a .270 Win.

    Meanwhile I take a look at what Doug has on the rack when I go over later in the week.

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    Reevesuk have a BSA Hunter in 7x57......

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    I,ve got one as well, buy it, the best and cheapest of my five fullbore rifles, and british made. deerwarden

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    Thanks for the replies, but I have been offered a mint BSA in 7mm rem mag. I don't know what model it is, it does not have any stars on the bolt,no iron sights,it is definitely not a CF2, it has the same bolt as the monarch and the majestic.He is asking 350 for it, i thought it was expensive until I saw it,pristine.
    Might be able to post photos tommorrow..


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    But is it as nice as the PH Safari that i've just got? Now if i can just get Strathclyde to budge on the 7mm Rem Mag issue and get my cert. back.............

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    Scotsgun, have you the use of the Tardis for visits to former gunshops?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Hmmm I would like to see better photos of that "Safari" as I don't think it is a Safari model at all. It looks more like a mid 70's Model 1000 Std. A full length photo and one of the forestock tip would help positive identifaction . Those Safaris which have really been safari models that I have seen all have a different trigger blade to yours and the only P-H with that type but pad is the Model 1000 std from that period. I am currently awaiting the delivery of P-H catalogue #76/77 and will check in it when it arrives. The Model std 1000 is listed and shown in my Catalogue #73/4 but not in the #70 so we are narrowing the time frame down.

    If you pull the stock off and note the private view mark letters down we can tell which year is was made. The View mark is two crossed lances with letters at 9 & 3 O'clock with a single digit at 6 o'clock and it's found with the proof mark under the chamber area on Parker-Hales.

    Ahhhh Finnbear,

    There are still some new ones probably floating about tucked away in the back of old/small gunshops. My BSA CF2 in 7x57 was found in a closet the owner brought it then never ever used it so it was new when I acquired it. The BSA Single X11 shotgun I picked up was also new and had been in storage since beign left to a son after his father passed away The father used to have a gunshop in Manchester it seems and when he packed it in this was on the rack so he just kept it and for soem reason never used it so it too was new. I saw but didn't have the funds at the time a new P-H Supreme No1 a few years ago.

    Oh griff,

    Photos my man photos we need to see the photos of it .

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    hi scots gun it does look alot like my ph model 1000,same but pad and wood does it have a chiseled front stock or rounded?. that wood will look very nice when oiled up have you managed to get a few rounds off yet?

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    Christ but give me time..........i haven't even got the cert back yet. I'm currently 'negotiating' with the licensing office to get a 7mm Rem Mag too.

    Finnbear - not at all. I just made contacts with some good honest dealers whilst living down in the South East. I recently picked up a pristine Tikka M65 complete with Swaro Habitch 2.2-9X42 scope, bases and rings for just over 600.

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