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Thread: Possable Syndicate Places Sussex

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    Possable Syndicate Places Sussex

    OK donít get too excited till you read it all

    This IS NOT a commercial exercise. we are looking at a break even operation. Member ship will cover insurance new high seats maintenance, a chiller and paying people to manage the chiller and carcases.

    At this time I am putting out feelers for new syndicate members who must be open certificate and preferably DSC1 minimum.

    The land is mainly high seat shooting with about 12 high seat positions across 7 sites. We have a further three sites where walk and stalk is possible but two of them are small like sub 70 acres and one is 220 acres so consider this mainly high seat shooting

    There is significantly more land in the pipe line

    We have mainly fallow with some roe and a few muntjack however two of the potential new permissions are predominantly roe or have a large roe presence

    We have noticed a reluctance to shoot deer once the fridge is full at home

    As a result we are planning to site a chiller so stalkers can pass on the deer to us for selling on which enables us to keep to cull targets

    This is going to cost a significant amount to purchase and run but we canít see any other way forwards

    In order to finance the progress existing membership will increase and we are looking at possibly 5 new members at £500 each April to April

    We will have designated cull dates every two weeks on rotation. Members will be guaranteed a minimum of 8 days stalking with further space available when rotations are not filled or when we need to put more pressure on certain sites to hit target.

    I have nearly finished my first year with the group and have shot seven fallow and one roebuck in 11 months

    We dont charge trophie fees and representative bucks have been shot this year but we may ask you to not shoot medal grade roe or masterbucks on certain sites and we have sites where the owners dont want the roe or the white ones shot.

    Stalkers specificly wanting a master buck or medal roe will have to discuss this and agree terms before the shot

    There is a kill fee of £25 per beast if you take it to the chiller gralloched & taged. We will manage it from there

    If its a cull day and multiple beasts are shot we will collect them at the cull site and charge £35 kill fee for managing the carcass to the chiller and on to the game dealer

    If you want to take the meet its charged at 2.50 per Kg

    Any badly shot beast you pay the difference in the skin head and legs off weight to what the game dealer pays

    We expect two work party days per year and if you donít there will be a fine of £50.00 per work party if you dont do them

    You can earn points by sitting with a trainee in the morning and shooting on your own in the evening.
    Four of these will count as a work party and can be done on non rotation days subject ot evening availabuility.

    I have done a quick ready recnor on costs and come up with £500 this may be altered if required (unlikley) but theres no comitment to join

    So at this early stage I am putting out fealers only

    If this is of interest then please PM me and ill give you an email adress to send your CV too

    We will make a final decision on what direction to take at the end of Feb.



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    Will you be able to provide members with a cost breakdown if it is not commercial/profit based?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarms View Post
    Will you be able to provide members with a cost breakdown if it is not commercial/profit based?

    No problem

    Roughly (and it is roughly at the moment subject to finding a location for the chiller and getting real rental costs)

    1: To purchase a good condition working chiller unit £2500.

    2: To install said unit in a site with power water sub meter and hardstanding £ 600-£1000

    3: 12 Months’ rent for site £1800.00

    4: 12 months electric £720.00

    5: Allowance for maintenance & repairs of chiller £500.00

    6: Allowance for on-going costs including advertising, internet, ID tags etc £1000.00

    7: Allowance for High seats £600

    8: Club insurance £ 500.00

    TOTAL 2016 costs £8,620

    As I say this is an excersize in costing not hard and fast. But we do need 5 new open cert members
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    I'm guessing as you are Kent based the ground is East Sussex rather than West?
    Starbucks. It's not my cup of tea.

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    What is the rough total acreage and current membership level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thibaud View Post

    What is the rough total acreage and current membership level?

    We will be looking at 15 members in total Currently obviously we have 10

    I actualy dont know the total in acers but id guess currently 2000-2500 ish spread across multiple sites

    We have permisions in East Grinsted, Peas Pottage and in the Edenbridge area

    A major factor in our decision makeing will be a new 1200acre permision
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    Just to be clear, if any one is chosen they will get the chance to walk all the sites before they part with any cash
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    HI Chasey.
    On the face of it this seems like a group of decent guys who can not cope with the amount of deer on their ground, and would like to offer a genuine opportunity to some new people to come and join in the existing not for profit group. I applaud this and wish there were more folk like you. This is close to being a great opportunity which I would love to be a part of. Unfortunately I doubt I'll stand a chance as you'll be swamped with applications. Without wishing to seem like a protagonist I think there are a few flaws in the plan.

    I assume you are the lease holder and will "own" the assets like chiller and high seats. Which you will pay for by selling syndicate places, venison sale over a number of years?

    Or you want to run this as a co-op and the initial members (the number of which will be decided depending on costs needing to be recovered) will buy the capital items between them, then will pay an annual charge to cover ongoing costs after venison sales have been deducted?

    "Stalkers specifically wanting a master buck or medal roe will have to discuss this and agree terms before the shot "
    I think this is a bit of a problem. If as a paying syndicate member you have to get prior permission to shoot specific animals that's always going to cause conflict. Who decides who gets the chance to shoot a decent buck that's been seen on the ground? Will one member say they've seen it if they think another will get to shoot it? Just a way to cause division I think.

    If you've got a cull plan and a particular buck is in it just let who ever is lucky enough to get it have it. Same with the rest. If this is on a rota each member will have equal time on the ground and therefore should take opportunities as they arise. Otherwise you'll likely get to the end of the season and not meet your cull target.

    What's all this kill fee? How can you be saying you need to meet your cull target and then discourage "members" by putting a levy on each animal.
    Surely the value of the venison and the member fee will cover the costs?
    There seems to be some in-decision as to whether this is a "syndicate" with all members being equal, or an existing group looking to reduce "their cost by taking on some paying guns on the terms described.

    Who decides what is badly shot? What will points be redeemable for if you sit with a newbie? Will dates for work parties be discussed and arranged with members prior to being set, or will they be set and then members charged who quite honestly can't make it?
    There seems to be too many rules and too much opertunity for conflict.
    I think a far more simple open offer will be far easier for everyone involved.
    I don't bring this up to try and cause problems or seem to be pulling your offer apart. I merely wish to try and point out what I see and think others may think too.
    I have been in a syndicate where "we" the members had restrictions on what could be shot, when we could stalk, no details of other members, booking in in advance (obviously needed most of the time) but never knowing who was already there, what was shot etc. Turned out private clients on the ground, while we were told it was booked.

    After all that, if you want a upfront, genuine guy with all the papers, own quad, tracking dog, a load of high seats, a love of the countryside and many other useful skills and contacts. I'd be interested to have a chat.
    Hope the group goes well and you all get to enjoy the stalking and each others input.

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    Kind of makes me realise how lucky I am...

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    Woodmaster you may well be right this is all in flux

    We would welcome your experiance PM me with your phone number and ill talk to you in confidance about some of the points you have raised

    One thing I will say on line is Badly shot is greened unfit for consumption or mhullered and the the game dealer decides on whats mhullered, not us.


    Total loss of front end due to pinion shot

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