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Thread: Yokon Photon digital scope

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    Yokon Photon digital scope

    Hi chaps, looking at one of these and wondered has any one got first hand experience of these. The price is in my budget and I will go without rather than pay 1-2k.

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    For the money they are good units, stick a T38 AS with it and you will be good to go.

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    Hi, I have a 6.5x50 Photon and it is really good. The on board illuminator seems ample with low moonlight. I have taken foxes out to 150yds with it. Well worth the money as Camo304 says.



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    I've got the 4.6x42 XT on a .22rf and had rabbits at 80-100 yrds with it. Take plenty of spare batteries with you, or only switch it on for the shot, as there is not connection for auxiliary power.

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    I've got the 6.5 XT and teamed it with the 6x NV spotter from Sure24 (159 with the discount code) and it's a very good combo. I use extra ir torches but mainly to conserve battery life. The image quality from the spotter is far better than the Yukon and has the ability to record video and photos via a micro SD card. This set up is great from a high seat or from the gator but also its all light enough to carry round on foot for some stealthy foxing.

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