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Thread: Limit on powder purchases

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    Limit on powder purchases

    I have just done the paperwork to purchase some powder for reloading and am told that there is now a national directive that reloaders will not be able to purchase more than 1.5kg at a time.

    While this will be OK for me I guess it is going to be a pain for the target shooting folks as with 308 I figure you get around 120 rounds per pound so 1.5kg would give you 400 rounds or there abouts which isn't a lot if you do some serious target shooting.

    Of course how each police force applies "national" directives seems to be variable at best but worth being aware.

    (This post assumes that you have to do paperwork to buy powder in England/Scotland as we do here in NI)

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    I've not had to show my ticket for anything but the expanding bullets in both Scotland and England. Never heard of showing it for powder but that's mainland UK.
    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Are you sure this is not Black Powder? I've never had to show my ticket for nitro in 25 years of reloading

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    Are you sure, mate?

    I only just bought a load (maybe more than 3kg) at the weekend and never had to show my cert.

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    Philip, this is applicable in NI only, you get the single sheet chit the same as the guys do in the UK for black powder. They will usually only allow you 2KG max at any one time. Same for primers.

    However, we can buy "expanding heads" by the pallet, while can usually only get 200.

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    That explains it Brian, I assumed it was the same everywhere else for powder for reloading, especially as the term used was "national directive" on limiting it to 1.5kg. Clearly folks elsewhere can just drop in and buy their powder as and when.

    If supply was steady and I could drop into a gunshop and pick up some powder any day then I'd never need more than 1lb of the stuff about me but with supply being so patchy I try to buy when I can get it, same with bullets.

    I was up with Mervyn this evening stocking up a little bit, it as great to get the stuff and it will keep me going for a year+ but it is hard handing over the money :-)

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    5kg is the max you can hold in England.

    According to this man and he should know.

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    not heard of a limit you can hold, But in Camb's (mate has gun shop) have to show ticket for powder and primer's

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    Sorry but I am unable to format this correctly
    it should be a,b with sub section i, ii with sub sub section aa,bb,cc,then iii

    Explosives not to be stored without a licence
    10. – (1) Subject to paragraph (2). No person shall store explosives unless he holds a licence for their storage and complies with the conditions of that licence.

    (2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to –

    (a) the storage of explosives by a person registered in accordance with regulation 1.1
    (b) the storage of any one or more of the following –
    (i) no more than 10kilograms opf black powder
    (ii) no more than 5 kilograms of –
    (aa) shooters powder
    (bb) any explosive or combination of explosives listed in Schedule 1 to the Control of Explosives Regulations 1991: or
    (cc) a combination of shooters powder and any one or more of the explosives listed in Schedule 1 of those Regulations
    (iii) no more than 15 kilograms of percussion caps or small arms ammunition or a mixture of them.
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