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Thread: Howa query for anyone who has one...

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    Howa query for anyone who has one...

    Got back from a good stalk last night, took the rifle out of the slip to clean it and noticed that the barrel wasn't seated in the stock. Took a better look and realised that a screw seemed to be missing! Pressing upwards on the trigger guard causes the barrel to move upwards as this screw is not there...

    I've called the Sportsman to get hold of a new one - they are contacting Highland Outdoor - but in the meantime I'm stuck with a rifle I can't use, unless anyone has any suggestions?


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    If you can get the size and thread pitch, (maybe from another Howa owner on here), then somewhere like Western Bolt & Engineering Supplies in Taunton might be able to supply you with one. I presume it's a set screw with a recessed hex head as there is no countersink visible in the action? Are you certain that it's not sheared off though?

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    Pippa, try these, they say. We are WWW.HOWA.CO.UK
    The countryman of Derby.
    Phone 01332 360357.
    Fax 01332 720959
    Hope this helps.

    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    I'm no rifle-smith (as I'm probably about to prove!) but in the photograph it does look as though the larger hole right at the back contains a screw which presumably is the one whose head is to be found behind the trigger. I suppose it doesn't just need doing up a bit, does it?

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    In fact I've just been back to check the rifle again, as I was looking at the pic I posted and wondering why on earth anyone would put a screw right where it could get in the way of the bolt... I realised that in fact the screw is a hex bolt seated on the underside of the rifle... There are two, one at the rear of the trigger guard, one in front of the box plate. Both had worked loose but were still there. I've tightened both up and the rifle is now bedded properly, and the screw inset (where I thought a screw head was missing) now looks correct... A real moment...

    Still, another lesson learned...

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    Excellent! We all do it but it's still funnier when it happens to someone else!

    Might be a good idea to put a smear of Loctite on the screws to stop them backing out in future. Don't forget to put a couple on the zeroing target once you've tightened them up again though.

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    There are those who delight in Loctite on rifles, but I reserve it for glueing the ivories back on th'owd Bluethner.

    Some years ago I took the anorack's option on stock screws and bought a torque screwdriver to ensure eveness of doing-up, though even before that I have never had a stock-screw work loose. I would be worried that glue might impede my habit of taking the stock off to dry the rifle after soppy wet hindstalking.

    Definately check zero after messing with stock-screws, like Mr. Orion says.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    There are those who delight in Loctite on rifles, but I reserve it for glueing the ivories back on th'owd Bluethner.
    But nowadays there's Loctite, and there's Loctite. With a shed full of motorcycles I've collected a fair few different variants of the stuff over the years. Something like Loctite 243, a medium strength threadlocker suitable for all metal threaded assemblies, will mean that you don't have to do a Charles Atlas on it to disassemble the parts in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Something like Loctite 243
    But I have a .308!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    But I have a .308!
    I'm so sorry, I can't find Loctite 308 on their datasheet - you'll just have to change calibres if you don't want your screw to come loose!

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