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Thread: Swarovski Habicht Nova 2.2-9x42 + Leupold QR Mounts

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    Swarovski Habicht Nova 2.2-9x42 + Leupold QR Mounts

    Scope for sale as is not suitable for my 222. It's lovely glass, reticle is in first focal plane. 30mm tube with Leopold QR mounts

    300 for a quick sale. Would prefer collection from Gloucester but am willing to post.


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    Forgot to mention just over a year ago it had a service and they fixed the turrets. (Paper docs will be included in sale)

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    Would you sell the mounts separately?

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    Why isn't it suitable for your .222?

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    9x with my eyes at 200 isn't good enough for me. As such I've bought a 30x

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    I'm not the only one then ?

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    hi what do the mounts fit

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAZANIMAL View Post
    hi what do the mounts fit
    i could be wrong but leupold QR mounts attach to picatinny type rail

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    I could be interested in the scope of the rings sell the only thing that's putting me off is the reticle as I'd like a 4A type as I would put it on a rimfire .22LR or .22WMR

    i wonder hoe much it'd cost to have the reticle changed ?

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    Without "queering" the thread Swarovski can change reticles but it isn't cheap. But they would quote so it's worth asking.

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