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Thread: Anglo Custom Rifles

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    Anglo Custom Rifles

    Just wanted to say a thanks to Anglo custom rifles. I had my T3 rebarrelled by them and they made a superb job of it. I now have a properly barrelled 2506 . The quality of the workmanship is fantastic and its a delight to shoot, i would highly recommend them.

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    How much did it cost mate?

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    Give them a call depends what you want doing, ive rebarrelled the 270 to 2506. ITS now got a 26 inch barrel with a dpt sound moderator, if i miss i can poke them in the eye

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    Are they in Swadlincote still?
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Gavin made me a cracking 6.5x47 shoots the tits of fly's

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