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Thread: New binocular

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    New binocular

    I have an itch for a new top quality binocular….what should I add to my 8x32 and 10x52 ?

    8x56 or something like 8x42; 8.5x42; 10x42 ?

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    if your 8x32 and 10x52 sets are of top quality as you put it then to be honest i wouldnt even bother getting 3rd set to be honest as you have a light weight set and a larger mag set so you dont really have anything to gain with a 3rd but out of what youve said i would go with either the 8 or 8.5x42

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    I really like Zeiss HT 8x42 and Swarovski EL 8.5x42 ! Any opinions on these two ?

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    If you like the ht, also have a look at the Zeiss SF. I found the field of view was nice and it made for a nice easy view when I tried them at the Game Fair. Much as I really like the Swarovski bins and hear great things about the customer service, if I was in the position to be buying new bins at the moment I'd be looking very hard at the SFs.

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    Your light gathering is not going to get much better if your current ones are already good quality makes.

    8 x 40 suits my use, and are easier to carry around than the 10 x 50s. They have a similar light gathering ability.

    What you could improve on is the enhanced 3D effect of the Porro prism design. Have a look at the Steiner ones. Or Nikon and Pentax depending on how much you want to spend. It is an unfashionable configuration, but give them a try and make your own mind up.

    I find them much better for picking out an animal from its background.


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    15x56mm are specialty binos, great for sitting and methodically glassing deer, antelope and sheep across vast expanses of the West and mountains, but require a tripod. If I get another trip out to the Rockies, I will probably buy a pair of Vortex Vultures, but 8x40s will go along as primary binoculars.

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    Swaro EL's and then carry a doubler. Best of both
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    Or stick with the ones you have & get a spotting scope for long-distance glassing.......

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