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Thread: Just got my FAC today...... Can you advise on rifle choice please ???

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    Just got my FAC today...... Can you advise on rifle choice please ???

    Hiya Guys,

    I have received the good news today that I have been passed for my FAC and I am in the market for a .22lr, a .17HMR and a .243.

    The guns will be used on a regular basis on my local farm and my quarry are rabbits, pigeons, crows, rooks, magpies, foxes and muntjac. I have over 200 acres to hunt and need some advice on guns selections.

    I have 3000 to spend on all 3 including scopes and mods.

    So what rifles would you recommend ???

    I have been looking at;

    .22CZ American Varmint in Walnut.
    .17HMR Synthetic Sako Quad.
    .243 Tikka T3 Lite Varmint.(Synthetic).

    What do you guys think ???

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    Don't know much about the other calibers but I bought a browning X-bolt last year in .243. It has been an excellent rifle, very happy with it.

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    I have the CZ American in both the .22LR and .17HMR i think they are great value i think i paid 400 each...

    Tikka 6.5 x 55 T3 Lite it has been a very good rifle to me and cant fault it has always shot well and especially recently home loading its performance as been exceptional .5' groups 100m...

    So i think you have some good choices no idea about the sako quad though...



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    Set aside a decent amount for your scopes, no good having a 800 rifle and can`t see bugger all through a 100 scope.
    Have a look at the second hand market for your rifle, there`s some bargains to be had out there.
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    Before you look at buying muskets look for quality Binoculars. They are the most important item you have as a stalker. I recently bought a pair of Swarovski 7x42 SLC - Best 600 I have spent in a long time, you can always use an estate rifle but your binos are vital. I cant stress that enough. Second buy a top quality scope (S&B, Swarovski, Ziess or Meopta, Leupold) in either 8x56 (My prefenence), 7/8x50, 6x42 or variable (I prefer fixed mag as there is less to fumble with ). THEN buy you guns. Tikka are brilliant rifles IMHO by the way, I have just ordered T3 Lite/Stainless in 6.5x55 .


    Dont go for a varmint profile barrel unless you are doing a great deal of range work, its just un needed weight. Buy a second hand .243 and a top notch scope (I would go S&B 8x56 Hungarian - about 500). Spend you money on the scope then look at Parker Hale rifles - accurate, well built and cheap enough or any other good manufacturer (Sako, Tikka, Steyr, Remington, Ruger etc). You dont sound too experianced - if I were you I would spend whatever you can going out with a professional stalker before starting stalking on your own - you will learn a hell of a lot.

    As far as a rimfire goes get a CZ 452 - for the money there is not too much to beat them Scope wise look at Simmons.

    Have fun with whatever.

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