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Thread: Lead ban?

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    Lead ban?

    There is a fair amount of speculation regarding a possible lead ban for stalkers. The shooting press have printed several articles on it recently and Bruce Potts is doing a special in Shooting Times comparing copper and lead ammunition.
    RSPB have stated that they have banned the use of lead for deer control on their land and the government are setting up a ‘Lead Ammunitions Group’ to look into the possible risk of lead ammunition.
    We already have a ban on the use of lead for waterfowl and there are plenty of people complaining about the non-lead ammunition not being as effective.
    With a possible ban on the use of all lead ammunition:
    Has anyone been using non-lead ammo for a long time and do they prefer it over lead ammo?
    Can anyone recommend a non-lead (copper) .243 round to try?

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    I'm pretty certain Barnes do a 6mm X bullet and perhaps Lapua will have a 6mm Naturalis. Neither will be cheap.

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    Get in touch with Griffshrek, he's been pumping Barnes through his .243 for some time.


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    i dont know much if anything about lead substitutes, what materials are used that would give the same weight and would expand and carry the same energy into the target to kill the same way lead does?

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    I'm not certain how your body politic works but you'd better fight that ban with tooth and nail. There is no substitute for lead, and d*mned little credible evidence that lead will harm anything. Lord. Don't get me started.~Muir

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    I prefer the barnes TSX to lead, hits hard with very little meat damage although as deer managers that should be secondary as long as the beast is culled quickly and humanly!? This is in my Swede, not tried them in my .308 yet.

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    Cor, you are a defeatest lot - given up on lead already have you?

    Tell them to go get stuffed. I am truely P****d off with having everything that I have an intrest in being taken away from me.

    First it was my mini 14, then it was my pistols, after that it was the fox drives. Getting hold of any bullets in other than the most popular calibres is a nightmare, and to have to pay even more than we already pay would be even more criminal.

    Any one would think that we live in some sort of stalinist state. Rant over (for now).

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    Barnes TSX for me, been using them for a couple of years now in my .308 and 6.5x55 no going back to lead for deer.

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    I'm not certain how your body politic works but you'd better fight that ban with tooth and nail. There is no substitute for lead, and d*mned little credible evidence that lead will harm anything. Lord. Don't get me started.
    I would disagree with the latter part. Study after study after study has shown lead to be harmful if ingested in sufficient quantity.

    That is why lead in paint on children's toys was banned forty to fifty years ago in my youth, why lead shot for inland fishermen was banned and we don't have lead water pipe plumbing in our houses.

    But as far as shooting goes there is no substitute for lead that does the job as well combining density with the ability to be easily formed into shot or bullet, as cheaply and as effectively.

    It were almost as if lead had every single useful property for bullet and shot making. And I also agree that any further ban should be also resisted.

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    Lead ban

    This has been rumbling on since the seventies when the USA started it.
    This ban if and when it comes in will, without a doubt change the face of shooting in this country for ever. It would be true to say that possibly rifle shooting would be the least affected, however all forms of shotgun shooting will dramatically changed. Pigeon shooters beware, no more going out and blowing off several boxes of cartridges, game shooting will become out of reach for most and the high bird boys won't be able to operate.
    All country sports will be touched to a greater or lesser degree, I have seen so many changes to the shooting sports scene in my lifetime, few of them benefit the ordinary bloke who likes a bit of shooting. This in my opinion is the greatest threat to our sport (and to many livelihoods) and would be a disaster to all of us. Beware, and fight it tooth and nail.

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