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Thread: Fallow head

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    Fallow head

    hii shot a fallow buck a while back left it for a month or so them boiled it out, all went well only the smell is terrible.
    i,m pretty sure all the bits are cleaned of it as i power washed it. would peroxide remove the smell.
    any helpful suggestions.thanks

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    Don't leave it to rot before you boil it.
    Peroxide should get rid of most of the smell, and leaving it to dry right out for a few weeks.

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    To some extent yes, but really it would benefit from fresh air and sunlight, be patient, it won't smell if it's allowed to dry out properly. If you have an electric radiator in the garage leave it near that and let the smell be released away from civilisation......
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    thanks for the replies, deerstalker308 where do you suggest we get this sunlight

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    I left mine for a week n that was bad enough lol best to strip them of as most flesh as possible the day or day after ya shoot them and boil as soon as possible

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