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    Five people arrested and guns seized in the West Country poaching and illegal meat sales.Saturdays Western daily press

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    I am interested to see if and what sort of sentances are going to be dished out. I often think that poachers get off lightly even when caught and charged.

    In this particular investigation it looks as though a substantial amount of time and money has invested.

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    I do understand that Stalking, in UK and Mainland Europe is done for financial, rather than more chiller filling purposes, and I am willing to go along with this mind-set, but if a family needs food and the head of that family harvests a deer, using ALL of it to feed the family, then "No harm, no foul"; IMHO.

    With the prices of the meat, and the stalk, I would be able to understand if one were to poach A deer to help feed the family, but if they are selling it, both the poacher(s) and those who purchased the 'stollen' meat should ALL receive a very heavy fine ,and the poacher's firearms confiscated. The confiscated firearms be sold and the monies thereof be placed with the fines to the costs of a program, whereby an individual needing the meat, to feed the family, could apply for it and a deer would be harvested for that family. With so many people being made redundant, the monies aren't there to feed the families. I know, if it were a case of taking a chance on getting pinched or letting my family go hungry, I'd be very cautious to not be caught.

    This method, I am sure, would reduce poaching to much less than it is, at present.

    My 2P


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