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Thread: Hunting Rabbits at night with the Pulsar LRF 870

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    Hunting Rabbits at night with the Pulsar LRF 870

    Hunting Rabbits at night with the Pulsar LRF 870, Nightmaster 800 & 940nm(COVERT) IR pil, and .22lr subsonic ammo.
    Since Christmas I moved the Pulsar LRF870 from the CZ.223 onto my CZ .22 lr and had great success shooting the longer range rabbits with subsonic ammo, simply because I was now able to range-find and know the distance to target. Having this information the holdover and layoff were calculated, result, another rabbit dispatched. I am now going to leave the LRF870 permanently fitted to the .22lr.
    Historical problems I encountered using any NV scope is the 2-dimensional image displayed on the screen, especially across a large field of rape or wheat where there is nothing to indicate or judge distance to target. So, was I viewing a small rabbit close-up or a large rabbit at greater distance? Using the LFR870 rangefinding facility, that distance to target problem is now resolved. In the past I’ve sometimes taken the longer range shots, more in hope than certainty. Because I’ve zeroed at 62 yards, the calculated bullet drop at 100 yards is about 5.3inches and layoff in 10mph wind is about 4 inches. Now I know the range to quarry I can apply these figures and be more confident of placing the bullet on target.Two nights ago I dispatched 2 longer range rabbits, one at 92 yards the other at 108 yards. Very chuffed with that result.
    One other useful item has been the change from the Nightmaster 800 with 850nm IR illumination to the 940nm (COVERT) IR illumination. Since changing to the 940nm IR I’ve not had one rabbit spooked, with some rabbits popping out from the woods and being under 30 yards. The 940nm IR is not as powerful as the 850nm IR, but used on half power I can view rabbits to over 100 yards with the LRF870.
    Hope this info' may be of use to someone?
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    Thought I’d combine this information from my other posting, as it is relevant to this subject.
    REF:- NV scopes used in daylight, incurring focus problems
    Please accept my apologies if this information / solution for improving the clarity of view when using NV scopes in daylight conditions by viewing through small aperture hole in the lens cover was common knowledge.

    OK, so focus to target is fine when used with IR illumination , but I’ve had problems being unable to properly focus these 870 and Photon NV units in daylight / twilight time.
    I then remembered a little photography tip that using a smaller aperture hole will give a greater depth of field, which should then give me better focus in daylight? To test this out I constructed a circular piece of cardboard with a centre 5mm hole and put this in front of both the 870 and Photon scopes objective lens. It works!
    I’ve now drilled 5mm holes in both units objective lens covers, and use a small plastic/rubber plug to fill hole when not in use.
    Anyway I went out early yesterday at 15.30hrs to do some rabbit control, and viewing through the 5mm hole in the 870 lens cover I now have a very useable day scope; much better definition and clarity of target. Even increasing the magnification to 9X the definition was better, so very pleased with this no-cost upgrade.
    Once it was dark and IR illumination was required, the 5mm hole did not allow enough light back to the 870 to function well, and even switching the NM800 to full power, still produced a grainy picture. Probably a larger hole may improve matters?
    I won't be experimenting further, because I've always been satisfied with clarity of view through the 870 when used in its designed NV mode at these closer ranges up to approx. 100 yards.
    Hope this is of use?

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    Great info and thanks for posting.. I'll have to experiment with mine now!

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