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Thread: Syndicate Insurance

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    Syndicate Insurance

    I am looking to take out an insurance to cover the syndicate for events like a memeber falling out of one of our high seats, having an accident on a work party or (as hapened this year) leaving a gate unlocked resulting alledegedly in some plant getting stolen

    Any sugestions as to where to go to get such a thing?

    I looked as BASC but it seems a little daft in that most of us are already BASC and it seems to be blanket cover with named memebers? At a glance not a very flexable option for new memebers and leaving members?



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    Hi Chasey,

    Type in Cliverton shooting insurance on google, worth a look, good luck.

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    Basc will give u refunds to existing members, not sure if they'd cover theft thou or if any insurance cover would?
    How can land owner prove 100% it was u/ur syndicate that left gate open?

    Not sure if for a stalking sudicate basc sydicate ins would make much difference, reall handy for ggame syndicates as cover any guest/beater automatically.

    Probably as well phoning basc to ask them.
    If u pay a 3rd pary/company ur all still be paying ur basc ins for cover for elsewhere anyway so still paying twice

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    Quote Originally Posted by StalkingKent View Post
    Hi Chasey,

    Type in Cliverton shooting insurance on google, worth a look, good luck.

    Many thanks

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    All the above situations would be covered if a BASC member were responsible, if you want to discuss the BASC cover more, please feel free to pop me an email


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