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Thread: Stalking certificate

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    Stalking certificate

    looking for some advice
    back in the day i passed the stalking certificate, this was the predecessor to the DSC 1, i have since passed the small and large game handling course
    i would like to do my DSC2, can i carry on with this with my stalking certificate, and i understand that there was a one time only offer which i missed to upgrade stalk cert to DSC1(it passed me by somehow).is it possible to upgrade now, after all what was good then must still be now.

    i am not a novice and really don't want to pay to do it again or give up valuable time

    anyone in the industry know of a way forward


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    Please see point 1 DMQ - FAQ about DSC1 amp DSC2 it says what you don't want to hear. DSC 1 is a pre-requisite for DSC 2.

    You can sit an assessment only DSC 1 with no instruction - DSC1 and scroll down.

    Regards JCS

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    I think you've missed the boat Matt and will have to do the DSC 1 before progressing to DSC 2. Your NSCC is effectively worthless regarding progression.
    I know of people in the same situation as you that had to get DSC 2 to continue with a deer management group and the only option was to do DSC 1 first.
    However, you should be well placed to pass it. Have you considered doing assessment only which will reduce the cost as well as the time required? Normally just some revision in your own time and then the 5 assessments over a weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    DSC 1 is a pre-requisite for DSC 2.
    Whilst this is true, I'd just like to add that there is no reason that you can't get on with some DSC 2 stalks BEFORE doing your DSC 1. You cannot register for DSC 2 or submit your portfolio without having the DSC 1 certificate though. You may be able to make best use of the remaining winter months? The forms from the edition 6 portfolio can be downloaded from the DMQ site. I recently did all 3 stalks for a candidate before he registered for DSC 2 as he was awaiting funding. I've even heard of a chap that did all 3 DSC 2 stalks before doing his DSC 1!!
    As long as the evidence is less than 3 years old at point of submission, there are no rules on when it is gained regarding dates.
    Hope this helps.

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    Sadly went through this myself.
    Here's what I did.
    You will have to register for DSC1. You cannot take DSC2 without it. This will get you your book to revise from.
    Explain when you register that you wish to do an exam only and that you already have your Meat and Game Regs. If you do not have your meat and game cert then you will have to do this part too.
    The exam is taken in modules. You will have to do the shooting, safety, ID and multiple guess parts. Each module will cost you £???.
    When you have passed, you can register for DSC2 and take at your leisure using your land and the very helpful members on here, many of whom don't charge.
    I insisted on paying my DSC2 witnesses and the whole exercise for taking DSC1 & 2 including registering and taking tests cost me about £500.
    Do it because you want too and not because someone says you should.
    And practice your handling and cold room stuff for DSC2. I was too complacent.
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    Registration with BDS cost £35 and then £25 per assessment, so you could be sorted for around £135. Not too bad?

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    thanks for the time gents
    looks like its the assessment then
    thought there may be a way to upgrade,feel a bit short changed as the DSC came in shortly after i did the certificate
    thanks again

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    Matt I've have a manual and CDs you can borrow to study etc then just go for assessment.I did just that with Jelen and got on fine,I'm sure when I had registered with them I could then do test papers on line too asses how I was getting on.If they are any use give me a shout.cheers Tony

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    I missed the boat on the change from NSCC too so I just went back and redid the course, the change was very badly advertised though thats why I was unaware of the DSC1 change while here in Germany.
    I have no real use for DSC1 as I was given an open cert from my FEO due to the years of stalking time I have done, it was just a nice to have jobby.

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    thanks for your reply's gents
    Tony i may take you up on that, just let me sort myself out, see what is entailed

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