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Thread: Trail cam advice please.

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    Trail cam advice please.

    I am after a trail cam to catch some scrotes who have been taking deer on one of my patches. The usual thing drive all over farmers crops , catch deer with dogs and just leave them there.
    There are a couple of places they always drive through and ideal for a trail cam but I have heard that the infra red ones can still be seen by the human eye. If so what type can I get that won't be spotted.
    Any advice much appreciated.


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    The present ones on the market do glow a dim red at night when activated.The new ones which have been promised for over a year have black IR so should be invisible . Of the present ones on the market the Scoutguard or Moultrie are the smallest and least detectable try .Hope this is of help.

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    Comment copied from, originally made by photosbykev.

    The stealth cams are ok but even the most expensive unit tend to have relatively poor optical quality as they just contain basic digital cameras triggered by PIR units. If you want something to monitor the garden and could run cabling then a IR webcam would give a better result and could be monitored on either a computer or pc depending on what type you buy.
    The second webcam (the static view one) on my website is an Axis 221 model that is IR capable and with a cheap and simple IR flood light can easily watch a garden out to 10-15 metres. If you check the camera now on my site you can see just how sensitive it is as the room and tank lights are off. Fleabay is a good source of cheaper versions of the Axis camera

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    Been using Stealthcam's for a couple of years or so to detect fox's on our shoot but the pir's have become not very sensitive so just got a new one from Deben, it's a super little camera much better than the Stealthcam's.

    Only problem is they still show a dim red light when activated and cost too much to lose.

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    G. I contacted BASC about this some time ago and they had an expert on this topic who had some good advice then. If you are a member, give them a bell. Rgds JCS

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    Be careful about the data protection act, even scrotes have right ugh!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    Be careful about the data protection act, even scrotes have right ugh!!!!!
    Correct, if you DO manage to get info/reg numbers/descriptions of these people then do not admit to obtaining the information via a hidden camera.

    You must have the appropriate signs up to let people know they could be being recorded.

    Personally, I would deal with it myself.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Just put signs up saying that unmanned cameras are being used to capture wildlife during the hours of darkness and see if that has any effect on your nocturnal visitors. If any smartarse complains that no cams are present tell they got nicked by the aforementioned nocturnal visitors.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks guys , food for thought here. I like the idea of putting signs up and no cameras, might do the job on its own! Will contact BASC as am a member as well, they may have some bright ideas. Haven't found a black IR cam yet .

    Thanks again George

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    Hello, I have three 12v 8cam dvr systems. The cameras for these range from about 6 to 20 each. I would suggest a 15 cam would suffice for your needs. They have about 30LEDS and a range of about 15-20m. Obviously any IR illumination will be visible and the location of the camera seen IF the LEDS are on the cam. I would set up a DVR with cams without IR and separate IR floods which are easy to make, run the irs from replaceable 12v batteries if there's no supply and accept that you may lose the IRS, hopefully they wouldnt find the cams or are so stupid that they think destroying the IR's they are destroying the cam.

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