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    meopta meopro

    Meopta meopro 6 - 18x50 are they a good reliable scope ?

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    Yes a very good scope, I won't get rid of mine any time soon!

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    I had the bdc ret and the build quality and function of the dials was top quality, it felt bombproof, I only sold though as to my eyes, which are admittedly rubbish lol, preferred other glass, to me it wasn't quite as sharp as a Zeiss conquest , but build wise felt better, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending one though

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    Does it being an inch tube not really make much difference ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weatherby View Post
    Does it being an inch tube not really make much difference ?
    Being a 1 inch tube doesn't make any difference to the amount of light passing through the scope. The only advantage in a larger diameter tube is that you will have more elevation and windage adjustment.



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    Just picked one up to use with an Archer and it's a cracking scope for the cash!!! So far no regrets but it has only been a few hours

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    optic trade 435

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    Was in a gun store recently with a display case showing prices suggesting the new-ish distributor is repositioning the Meopta profile..... a few notches up market. So perhaps not such a bargain in the future. Not a surprise. (Have a Meopro, a few years old, which certainly was a bargain).

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    Cracking bit of kit lovely clear optics and well built. I have one going on my .17 HMR

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