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    Looking for a stalking 308 set up. I'm not looking for a super-spod high end rifle with a 4 figure asking price for the rifle alone (even if it is the bargain of the century) and on the other hand I'm not interested in some clapped out thing where the bullets rattle as they proceed leisurely down the barrel. Other than that, nothing ruled in, nothing ruled out, however ...

    I would prefer not to have to do too much faffing about or swapping bits from other rifles before using it, so the more of the following boxes are ticked, the more attractive the proposition:

    Comes with mounts and rings
    Comes with mounts, rings, and scope
    Comes threaded
    Comes threaded with moderator
    Would be face-to-face so seller preferably within 3 -4 hour drive from Central Scotland

    Of welcome but lesser importance are things like bipod, slip, sling, ammo, etc. (If someone is giving up would be happy to take complete package)
    Total price is not in itself the complete be-all and end-all, but I am looking at getting value for money.

    I appreciate that people may not wish to see their offers being picked over and criticised by touchline experts, so replies by PM are most welcome and will be treated in confidence.

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    Now sorted.

    Thanks all.

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