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Thread: 120 GMX in 6.5 x 55

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    120 GMX in 6.5 x 55

    Eve All

    Is anyone out there reloading 120gr GMX in 6.5 x 55?

    Had a test session yesterday of some loads I made up with H414 but couldn't get it to group in any way shape or form.

    Anyone had experience of reloading this bullet ?



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    I wonder if it's too long to stabilise? Is it longer than other proven 6.5x55 bullets? How does it compare lengthwise with the bullets that shoot accurately in your rifle?

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    Eve Tak

    I thought that but the GMX is 1.402" compared to a 140gr SST (which works well in my rifle) at 1.398" a near as makes no odds!

    Im going to try N160 which previous posters have recommended

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    I'm sure it's not the length then.

    Hope you come right.

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    Dt try N160 had excellent results with this powder with 120 grain noslers bt and sierra 120 sp regards jim

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    What is the COAL of your SST ammo and your GMX ammo in 120-gr bullets?

    Because of the hardness of the gilding metal of the GMX, I would expect to start with a lower charge of any powder, and seat the bullet back off the lands as much as 0.080 to 0.050 inches. If it were me, I would leave the powder setting at the starting charge, and try 3 or 4 bullets in increments from 0.050 down to 0.080. Then, when you find what looks like a good COAL, start increasing the powder charge for groups, watching the chrony vs the data, and watching for pressure signs, of course.

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    Eve Southern,

    Coal is 3.15" which is over 0.05" off the lands.

    Charge wise I always go low with mono metal bullets and work up slowly!

    There were no pressure signs in that batch.

    Will "experiment" a little more with N160

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    I have never tried a Barnes or GMX in my 6.5x55 rifles, but I would not give up on H-414 with 120-gr bullets, because something in the 4350, H-414, W-760, RL-19 burn range should work, starting at 42.0 grains and I bet somewhere around 44.0 should tighten up. Some cartridges will really do better with a full load for consistent burning and low MV deviations. The 8x57JS and 8x60S are like that for me: crummy groups until they get up to within 100 fps of book maximum, then tiny groups. Check your velocity against the load data.

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