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Thread: dillon 650 problem

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    dillon 650 problem

    i need a bit of advice please

    i have been trying to resize GGG brass and was going ok but then broke 2 de cap pins and bent the rods
    the pins were out far enough just to push out the old primer
    they are hornady dies

    are there parts that could come loose and cause this, or is it operator error

    i am new to these presses,and did'nt notice any operating difference

    something not lining up perhaps

    could run a de capping die in pos 1 and sizer in 2, might be stronger

    also with these presses, for full length re sizing should the die just touch the shell holder or have and extra 1/4 turn down


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    Seems that the de-cap rod was loose enough so that it didn't align with the flash hole in the bottom of the case. Result a broken pin. In theory though you ought to have felt resistance in the process such that you should have stopped and looked to see what was the cause of this.

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    the de cap rod was very tight, your correct there was resistance but thought it was something else
    could the shell holder be too loose or something putting the case out of alignment

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    My local shooting centre runs four 550s and one 1050. The 650 has the fiive die head right? What does Dillon suggest the best position for the decap? Decap and size at post 1.

    If the decap rod is tight have you checked the case that was in the machine when the problem took place? To see if it had a pebble inside it?

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    i'll take a look at the cases to check for obstruction tomorrow and let you know

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    GGG brass often has the primer crimped in, which might be causing your problem.

    I've never had a problem decapping it though, but have problems seating the new primer unless I remove the crimp first.

    So my sugestion would be to deprime the brass separately from resizing it, either with just a punch or on a single-stage press with a universal decap die. Then remove the crimp (lots of internet solutions, I just use a couple of twists of a suitably-sized drill). Then feed it into the Dillon.

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    I generally decap the brass, clean it then load it up in the 650.

    Any mil type brass is sorted before loading in the 650.
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    i have bought a universal decapper and will run through this first then the sizer
    have a swager for the pocket

    hope this and a bit more awareness will sort me out

    i think the cases must have become misaligned and i carried on, expensive lesson but lesson learnt and a different approach may put me right

    thanks for the advice, if there is more all the better

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