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Thread: All members please read

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    All members please read

    Hi all,
    Rob Mac is aware of the troll problem on site but can't get to a PC at present to rid us of these idiots. Can we all stop answering the threads affected as it only gives the trolls ammunition that can be taken out of context and put on websites that put deer managers/stalkers in a bad light.

    Many Thanks Mr B.

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    Cheers Mr.B

    Our unwanted guest has now been removed. Thanks for the heads-up!


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    No problem Rob, glad to help.

    For those of you who missed our little troll hunt, we had a really nasty piece of work 'anti' causing trouble. I've never seen anything like it! It was bound to happen sometime though.

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    our troll hunt?
    good work mr B and thank you admin for acting so quick

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    Yes Stone there were quite a few members that went in for the kill. Even Steyr243 gave him a battering with his cockney humour!

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    I think this was our most sophisticated one to date, made the usual mistakes though, it was getting to be quite tactical.

    What's the count now Mr B?, and how many names are the same person


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    I dont know about you lot, but I think Mr B, JAYB and a few others have now accounted for quite a few trolls.. I liken it to adding kills on the side of a fighter plane.


    Billy Goats Gruff still laughing over that one, what a ****

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    This one was very different, he claimed to have been kicked off another stalking site. I believe that he was either a friend of or the same person as another site member that has been rattling a few cages on here.

    Its nice to see other members getting involved and raising the alarm. Personally I come on this site to get away from arse holes. It would be nice to not have to deal with them on here to! Its not very clever though is it, targeting a website full of hunters that use their five or even six senses to track down their prey and dispatch them. Its like an arse kicking competition in a 'weight watchers group'. It doesn't matter what direction you kick out, your toe is going to make contact with a great big fat sweaty ass hole!

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    When we register do our IP addresses get logged? if they do we could identifythe trolls before they get to the state of maliciousness they seem to go for.

    Maybe if they do then the site providers could barr certian ip adresses from joining.


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