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Thread: Ultrasonic Cleaning Cases

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    Ultrasonic Cleaning Cases

    Does anyone have any experience of this process? I have tried Ultrasonic cleaning using specific Cartridge Case cleaner from APL chemicals, but the cases came out tarnished and oxidised looking terrible, (they might have been clean inside but your
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ID:	65798 tell. I asked APL they sent me a different ultrasonic wash OXIDE REMOVER but that made them worse. APL then refunded me which just leaves me with a load of tarnished cases and lost time.

    I see there is Hornady OneShot Ultrasonic cleaner available but expensive.
    I have to believe this should be an easy simple process (ultrasonic cleaners are ony 30 and cleaning this way must be better than just tumbling. I would stump up the cash for the Hornady if I know it worked but from experience of APL i am dubious.

    can anyone recommend a cleaning process for ultrasonic?

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    Contact Guesty on this site, he has one for sale, and would give his advice.

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    Try SeaClean it cleans the cases and doesn't tarnish them, just mix it up according to the side of the bottle and give the cases about 20 minutes, I then discard the really dirty solution and put in some clean and repeat the clean, at the end I save this clean solution for the first run next time.

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    I use the Hornaday one shot cleaner in my ultrasonic cleaner it works fantastic. I have however once had the cases come out as yours have. The reason was because I forgot about it and left the cases in the solution for 2 days before I remembered them. I just used the cases as normal. Don't look nice but loaded up still kill deer.

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    I use a Citric Acid mix (food grade substance available from Chartered Chemists/Brewery Merchants) in an Ultrasonic, which over a cycle or 2 does my brass just great.
    Okay - not quite like using a tumbler/media cleaner - as in shiny - but serves its purpose in providing clean brass.


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    Quote Originally Posted by old_n07 View Post
    Try SeaClean it cleans the cases and doesn't tarnish them, just mix it up according to the side of the bottle and give the cases about 20 minutes, I then discard the really dirty solution and put in some clean and repeat the clean, at the end I save this clean solution for the first run next time.
    I use the same on all my brass.

    not shinny clean but very clean, no bits getting stuck and no mess.

    rinse under the tap with warm water, place on a clean stainless tray in a preheated oven for about 20 mins.

    job done,

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    I place the cases in a jar and cover cases with a 50/50 mix of water and lidl's lemonade, plus one or two drops of washing up liquid. Into ultrasonic cleaner for about 20 to 30 mins depending on initial state of cases. Usually come out bright and clean inside and out.

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    Do a search on here and the web generally...there are lots of recipes. Of the commercial ones I have heard that Seaclean and Hornady ones are good, as born out above.

    The system I use is citric acid with a bit of washing up liquid, then after ten minutes or so in th U/S rinse them off in Soda Bicarbonate solution followed by a rinse in clean water. Final rinse is from a boiling kettle with the cases in a sieve, which helps them to dry rapidly. I then pop them on a foil lined baking tray and dry them off in the Rayburn oven or on top of a nightstorage heater.

    I have the tank of my cleaner full of clean water and use a honey jar to hold the cases and the citric acid solution. The honey jar contains all the clag that comes off and can be allowed to settle and reused after pouring off the clean stuff and chucking the sediment. Alternatively if you chuck it all away every time it is only a jam jar full, and you do not have to clean out the U/S tank every time.

    A 1lb honey jar holds twenty .308 cases and I put a a generous teaspoon of citric acid powder into hot water along with the cases. The citric works on the brass tarnish (more effectively if warm) and the U/S deals with the carbon crud in the primer pocket.

    I use a teaspoonful of soda bicarbonate to a honey jar for the kill rinse solution as well.

    You can get a very effective pickle with vinegar instead of citric but you have to passivate it immediately with soda bicarbonate. Otherwise it will carry on working as it dries and turn the cases brown just as yours have gone.

    BillH on here uses a plastic water bottle base instead of a honey jar, it may be more transparent to the U/S vibrations.

    Hope that helps.

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    My US cleaner hold a 100 .308 and i fill with warm water and a tablespoon of washing up liquid. I turn on the heater that heats the water to 60c and give them 30 mins. Rince in clean water and then onto a tray and into a low oven till they are dry.

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    You have not dried the cases using heat (oven or radiator ) but let them dry over time that has caused the tarnishing.
    I use the Hornady solution with the extra large hornady sonic cleaner. I can do 2-300 .50bmg cases at a time.
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